life changing chaos

So I’ve failed miserably at keeping up this blog. Life got so chaotic that by the end of the day I simply had no energy or will to write. You understand right? Anyway, now that things are settled, I figured I would let you all in on what we have been up to the past 8 months or so.

To start, Teddy has a new job! He’s now a welder and loves it. It allows him to work with his hands and every day is different, so he doesn’t get bored as easily.

Next thing, because he got this new job we had to move two hours south to be closer to Salt Lake City. We bought our first home and have finally gotten settled. May I say, although the responsibility of owning a home is super scary, it’s SO worth it.

Oh ya, and IM PREGNANT! Again! I’m 33 weeks and due December 4th,2017 with a little GIRL!  I’ll post later on all the baby details and the pregnancy and all that fun stuff, but definitely had to add that to the list of chaos we’ve been dealing with.

All this in addition to taking care of two toddlers and a dog… life is insane. Thankfully we feel like it’s finally under control *knock on wood* so I’m hoping to start posting more regularly.



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