Parenting By Example

IMG_9529.JPGEvery parent I’ve ever met hopes their child turns out to be a great person. They hope they will be polite, kind, smart and considerate. Yet, you can look around restaurants and see kids fighting for their parents attention because their parents are on their phones. You can hear adults gossiping and judging others in front of (or with) their kids. We have to ask ourselves, is THAT what we want to teach our kids?

Heres the thing about kids (especially older kids and teens)– they are very observant, but aren’t great at listening. So what is a parent to do? It’s simple: BE WHO YOU WANT YOUR KIDS TO BE!

You can’t tell your kid not to drink while you yourself are drunk, and you can’t tell them to not use their phone at the table while you are looking at yours. So strive to change the things you don’t want your kids to learn. Lead by being a great example, rather than harsh words.


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